About Us

     My name is Zoltán Horváth, I am a tiled stove and fireplace builder. My business activities tiled stoves, stone fireplaces, garden furnaces and grill building and the exact implementation to realize the client’s conception. In hundreds of sizes, forms I can show you stoves and fireplaces representing designs from the classic to the unique, exclusive and new trends. Making 3 dimensional scenery plan, free professional consultancy and on-the-spot assessment! I have concluded my studies in 1992 but ever since I have been learning, improving and using the different tricks and novelties of my trade. Since 2001 I have been working as a private entrepreneur. First in my home, in the city of Hegyeshalom I showed my products.

    I consider important the following:
  • The exact adherence to the deadline!
  • The price guarantee!
  • Quality and reliability!
  • The guarantee of the work done!
  • The fact that upon completion the stove to become the “Jewel of the Home”!